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I purchased The Sharper Image Hover Board on Thanksgiving at my local Kohls Department Store. They are an authorized retailer for The Sharper Image as I have since found out.

At no time was I ever informed that I was voiding any warranty with The Sharper Image by purchasing their product from anyone other than their own website. This was a Christmas present for my son. He opened it on Christmas and used it for an hour or so before it died. We placed it on the charger and realized the light on the charger that was supposed to turn red to indicate it was charging and green when it was charged was not turning red at all.

We have tried many, many times since then. The hover board will not charge. We have had the charger tested and it is NOT the charger. I have contacted The Sharper Image numerous times by phone and every time I am either left on hold for an outrageous amount of time, transferred over and over, or simply told there is nothing they can do for me because they don't offer any customer service for their products unless you buy them directly from their website.

I don't understand how they are allowed to do this. Nowhere on the packaging does it say this or anywhere in the store where I made the purchase. I have gone back to the store questioning this and management was not even aware of this. I cannot exchange the hover board at the store where I made the purchase as they were only sold a very limited quantity from The Sharper Image and will not be getting any more in.

I simply want to exchange my defective product for one that works! I have copies of eight emails I have sent to The Sharper Image begging for an exchange. This is all I want! It's now January 6 and my 13-year-old son is STILL waiting for his main Christmas gift!

This is unacceptable. How can a company get away with this kind of behavior? I have been on their Facebook page and have seen other people with my exact problem post about it but it is quickly deleted by The Sharper Image. They did the same thing to my post.

How can a company sell a product and then not offer any kind of customer service on it? I want an even exchange for their defective product.

My son deserves it! This is ridiculous!

Reason of review: Poor customer service and a defective product!.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: We deserve an even exchange AND the same customer service as everyone else!.

I didn't like: Never order from them, Poor customer service, Bad product.

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Did you ever resolve this. I am in exact same situation.

Bought from Kohl's, will only return money but not replace item.

No response from Sharper Image after multiple phone calls and emails. Now going to sue them.


I bought two of three of these at Kohls. One of them we returned to Kohls because it was vibrating and making noises.

Kohls has a very good return policy. No problem returning it and getting a full refund.

to Anonymous Maryland, United States #1119548

The problem wasn't Kohls. Kohls has an excellent return policy.

I wanted an even exchange, Kohls only had them in stock for the holiday, and Sharper Image would not exchange or offer any customer service at all. They wouldn't exchange the charger or any help whatsoever. I got a great deal at Kohls and did not want to return it for a refund and then have to buy it again online from The Sharper Image directly.

Ultimately, I ended up with no other choice and I did return it to Kohls, without any problem. I did not however, order another one from The Sharper Image.


Go after kohls. I can help you.

Planning on suing them. Email me at

to Anonymous Glen Burnie, Maryland, United States #1090415

Kohls will honor money back, they just don't have any more in stock. I want an even exchange and it should be honored by The Sharper Image.


Did you use a credit card? If so file a chargeback for defective product and refusal of company to honor return policy.

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