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The typical U.S. consumer is not the smartest person on the planet; with average IQs that barely suffice in typical high schools, the average Joe is inevitably forced to indulge themselves into products that don't even function to its fullest capacity.

My name is Nick DeAngelis. I understand it isn't necessary for a product complaint, but I will give you my credentials for the purpose of having some sort of justification for my claims. I received my Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering while double majoring in Industrial Design at Carnegie Mellon University. I then pursued my Masters of Science at M.I.T and my Ph. D in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. I am now 28 years old living in New York City. What that means for me is that I have no time to even indulge myself into having a home cooked meal. Thus, when I saw this infomercial on TV, I thought that this oven would be a solution to my daily dose of unbearable fast food.

This was not the case. I will tell you for many reasons not to buy this product. Sure, the infomercial is very attractive and it plays with your mind by bringing on famous chefs and having him cook amazing dished from this product. However, let's start with how my over enunciate the fact that it is made by Sharper Image. First of all, Sharper Image went bankrupt in 2008. What this means is that you will essentially mean nothing to them once you buy the product. Specifically, they will have no customer service. You ask why? Well, they are in debt of over $200 million dollars and quite frankly, they could care less as soon as they receive your cash. I had this experience when I tried to get in touch with them to refund my product. They advertise that this oven is backed up with a company name that we, as the American public, can trust! Do we really have our trust in a company that simply stole a product and put their bankrupt name on it just to make a few extra bucks while going out?

Ex.: http://www.amazon.com/Big-Boss-Rapid-Cooking-System/dp/B004FLK0K0/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1299260764&sr=8-4



Now that I've explained why Sharper Image is a brand that you simply should not invest any money into, I will move onto the product itself. Like I stated before, I am an engineer as well as an industrial designer. What this means is that I have the capabilities of created a product and then being able to tell if that product can function at its fullest. Let me ask the designers of this product. Who in their right mind would create an oven that forces you to put your arms down into a burning device? Why would you EVER design something like that? Just poor design in my opinion and quite frankly, I know I am smarter than the idiots that designed this product. I guess that is what happens when you have no money to invest into a product. Second, who makes a product like this out of glass? You state in the infomercial that a competitor makes their out of plastic? GOOD!! That's because glass is cheap as dirt and is NOT ECO- FRIENDLY as it is stated in the commercial. Glass is MUCH heavier and remains at a hotter temperature than the formulated plastic. Let's be smart people. When has a kitchen appliance EVER been made out of glass? Microwaves? Conventional ovens? NEVER! Why? Because it's not mechanically smart. Get me three engineers from Cooper Union or MIT and they can tell you that right off the top of their heads. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE INFOMERCIAL OF A CHEF SAYING THAT GLASS IS GOOD!! I specialize in this and I can tell you it is beyond incomprehensible that a mechanical engineer gave the green light to this product. Especially when they use stainless steel to make an extender ring. Thanks for the free ring!! Again why would anyone want to stick their arms into an oven that is burning at 400 degrees when the outer ring is METAL! Wow, I really am at a loss of words on how poorly crafted this Chinese artwork is.

Well given this, I supposed, well maybe if this oven creates delicious food and a fraction of the time, then maybe it's worth the handful of burns that it will give me. I cooked pizza the first night and it burnt to a crisp. The halogen light at the top only targets a circle with the diameter of around 5 inches. This was the only part that was burnt. It burnt a solid circle into the pizza and the bottom was still frozen at most parts. The instructions in the manual are horrible, but I figured that I had made a mistake. I was horribly wrong when I tried to cook a turkey that weekend. The same thing happened; the turkey burned on the top and the bottom didn't cook at all. This happened with every type of food that I tried. Also, the commercial makes clean up a breeze by showing how it is self cleaning. This idea is so farfetched that it amazes me how they could be so deceitful. It cleans nothing if you cook an actual meal and you will be forced to wash the heavy 20 lb. glass in the sink.

All in all, this product is designed poorly and it cooks terribly. Sharper Image invested all their money into advertising their product and by getting a famous chef to represent it. However, you can tell a product by their company; if the company is in ruins, they the products they stand behind will also be garbage. I hope nobody else makes the same mistake that I did because you will not be able to return it. Their customer service representatives are non-existent and their website is useless. Luckily, I was in a desperate need for a new garbage can in my office and the glass basin works marvelously as a recycling bin.

If you would like to see hilarious videos and images of foods that this oven made, please e-mail me at n.deangelis0784@gmail.com. Do not buy this product unless you are looking for a nice, glass waste basket.

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I have this oven and use it all the time. Cuts cooking time and the food comes out so good.

I have had the competitor product and used it for about 6 months then the "plastic" that Nick aparently prefers, cracked and cracked and cracked. Yes, i sent it back and received another one.

Guess what? After anout the plastic again cracked and cracked and cracked. A friend bought me the Smart Wave oven made with glass. Guess what?

Over a year later the "dirt cheap" glass bowl is still in one piece, not cracked. I have to wonder why Nick thinks the glass bowl is such a burn hazard. I don't put my hands in the glass bowl anymore than I would put my hands in the oven. Just a thought, a) use oven mitts, b) use tongs to remove any food or mayve even the apparatus that came with the oven to remove a dish or pan.

I use my oven almost daily and the only time I burn anything is when I don't pay attention to the time. I have coked pizza in it and did not burn it. Why? Because I paid attention to the time just as I would have with my regular oven.

Perhaps Nick confused his Smartwave oven with his microwave oven. :roll
Des Moines, Iowa, United States #733575

English not your native tongue Mr. PhD in engineering?

Fountain Hills, Arizona, United States #606884
Fun cooking tool!! If you have kitchen sense you will find enjoyable challenges utilizing the three cooking methods to create good tasting food and a desireable finished plate presentation.

As an example, I am trying to see if cooking baby back ribs will turn out more moist and tender at a lower cook temp or possibly searing at a higher temp then dropping temp down to finish. Typically ribs are roasted bone side down, however the recipe book talks about turning them half way through - therefore the ribs must start out bone-up? then finish bone down and baste at the end. I think I will continue keeping my ribs bone down, thinking that I want the fat/moisture to drive down - if bone up then the moisture may be lost by "draining off" to the bottom of the bowl leaving a drier finished product.

Since this cooker is faster than a typical cooking method then there is less chance and percentage of moisture loss. Isn't it FUN "playing around" with these variables makes it fun to experiment with the assets of this equipment. Don't expect a perfect outcome if you haven't palyed around with this devices cooking method?

Don't worry cook happy!! :) :grin :)
to Leeway #829558
Oh how did your ribs come out? Have you found a perfect fall off the bone way?

I habe a rack of ribs sitting in brine right now and my gas oven broke so im wanting to use the superwave but im having trouble with it slightly burning things. (Not terribly just a tad) and I'd love for my ribs to turn out awesome (two day ago they burnt to a crisp in my slow cooker...on low :(..but I did leave them over night without checking them...

opps) if youbwouldnt mind could you email how you did it. Stephchastain@yahoo.com
I writ this for Nick DeAngelis.
First off after all your ranting and raving I Highly doubt that you are an mechanical engineer since you purchased the product to start with and claim to be so much smarter than the common man. Glass is not as eco friendly as plastic? Like I said. I highly doubt you made it past a freshman in high school.
I'm not totally thrilled with the oven because it is heavy and hard to clean, that being said, it does work. I've cooked chicken, pork, steaks, mushrooms etc.etc....
I bought this knowing it was an infomercial and with that in mind wasn't expecting a whole lot in return but thought I would give it a try. Well my burner has quit now and was looking for parts when I came across this post. Just have to say, what the heck did you expect? If you see it on TV, then buyer cautious.
I'm guessing Nick went and bought a different one from another late night infomercial. LOL :cry



I am just amazed at the posters who say this oven does not cook correctly. I will say again, it is NOT the oven's fault...it is the owner's fault.

You can't just stick something on the rack like that with no preparation and expect it to cook. Pizzas turn out just FINE if you put it on a little round pizza pan, SPRAY the pan first, and add a little olive oil to whatever you are cooking. Set the timer and check how your food is doing. There is absolutely no reason that pizza should have burned except by carelessness.

Sorry, but that is how I feel. When cooking food like pizza, put it on the LOW rack instead of the top rack, which is what the pizza cooker obviously did.

:( i am on my second superwave oven. i ordered one in 2010 for myself, it worked about 5 times then quit, i had to pay to send it back that cost me almost as much as i paid for the *** thing, it took 3 months to get the other, in a different color than what i had orginally ordered, it has lasted about 2 months and it just quit too.

i'm so pissed. i have enjoyed it when it worked but i'm not paying to send another back to them, it's ridiculous, they know there is an issue and they don't fix it. i try to call them and there is no answer, it tells me to hold for a customer service agent and then hangs up.

i'm so disgusted i could scream, i'm not a rich person and this is a hardship for me. don't buy this oven, it is a throw away item and it's very sad that this company doesn't fix an issue they know is present.

I called them to return my super wave oven and the guy actually hung up on me. I am just stunned.

I'm not impressed with the customer service. I've used the oven approximately 10 times, and only once did the food turn out tasty.

The rest of the time it was a waste of good food. I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt that I just hadn't learned to use it properly yet..

But their lack of decent customer service and refusal to let me speak to someone in charge leads me to believe the product is a scam.


There is nothing wrong with the tongs. They work just fine, it just takes a few times to get used to them as they are not like regular tongs.

It takes a few times to get used to this oven and its accessories. I am still learning, but the roast chicken I cooked earlier tonight was fantastic and I am looking forward to cooking another one soon. The Halogen light does NOT cover just a five-inch circle and burn the meat like one poster wrote. I had my whole chicken on the low rack without the extender ring.

I said this before, but I will say it again...douse your chicken in olive oil, then rub in salt, pepper, and Hungarian paprika.

Squirt lemon juice all over the bird and put two onion halves in the cavity. Bake at 460 for an hour turning after 30 minutes and you will have some of the best roast chicken you have ever had.


What is the sharper Image-super Wave Oven


I got the same results with a thawed Tombstone pizza...cooked in the center and barely cooked on the outside. Looks like you can only cook within the 8" area right below the light.


Joy, I had trouble using the tongs. I threw them away and improvised by going to Walmart (a store that I hate to love)and purchasing better tongs and other cookware that complimented the Superwave. Do you like your oven?

Im glad to have found a site which has recent reviews on this product (Sharper Image Superwave). My Superwave works fine. So I've cooked pizzas, cornish hens, a nice juicy medium rare steak and french fries last night, and I will attempt some cinnamon pear turn overs tonight for my friends. So far I love this product. :) rts of the average U.S. consumer (a.k.a. average Joe) has nothing to do with the performance of this product. Since you used your dollar vote to purchase this product, doesn't that place you in the same boat as the rest "typical US consumer" or does that make you the poor victim of some special circumstance. what a lofty attitude.

All in all, I really enjoy this product along with every product I purchased from Sharper Image so far. It is the customer's responsibility to research a product prior to buying.

Really??? You really purchased this product upon impulse as a result from watching an infomercial and you have the gall to belittle the smarts of average US customers? Seriously?

I'm no engineer. In fact I'm just a military veteran and current student (30 years old).


can't we all just get along? Didn't know was a crime to post a complaint.



Any one having trouble using the tongs for the super wave oven?


Well, you denigrate "the typical US consumer" to your own detriment. Just that statement alone shows your review is *** and pointless.

But you go further regurgitating your resume'.. ugh! You have no ethos, and you are just plain wrong.

Why don't you just say that you are inept in the kitchen? Don't blame your tools, blame your own lack of skill, tact, intelligence, sense of self assurance...

Was this comment you made really necessary :sigh

Did anyone read the basic instructions for this website?

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I was searching for was comments and reviews looking for a good oven, and all I found was a *** contest. This is not a site I will use for opinions.

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