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I bought a Super Wave halogen Oven 3 years ago. I lived in South Florida and LOVED it because it would not heat up the small apartment I lived in and I used it DAILY instead of my large oven. It is especially good at cooking Salmon and ribs. I liked it so much, that I purchased another one for my vacation home in Kissimmee, FL.

After one year, the halogen bulb burned out. I was able to find a replacement bulb on the internet (http://www.amazon.com/Liter-Turbo-Oven-Halogen-Bulb/dp/B004VOEWDW). But clearly, replacing the bulb is not for those who are not handy with tools. It requires taking the whole top apart, cutting wires and using ceramic wire nuts (also available on the internet). It is not complex as long as the screws are not gunked up. The bulb cost was $25 with free shipping if you buy two of them. Since I had two units... I bought two.

The second unit lasted for two years before the bulb blew... and I just replaced that and all is working fine. I am elated at having it back and know I will continue to use it daily for all of my oven needs. Since buying the Super Wave three years ago, I honestly have used my oven ONCE. There were only two in my household... now just me, so it's perfect in size and I'm sure I'm saving $ in electric by not having to preheat the oven. Also... after reading the reviews I bought the standard knobs over the digital. Seems less problem with them as many reviews stated problems with buttons on the digital models.

I also purchased and have used the Sunpentown Oven (Walmart $66) which bypasses the problem of the halogen bulb by replacing it with a standard stove element. It works just as well, but takes a little longer with the cook times, but is still faster than the regular oven. It is not as impressive when you have guests over as it doesn't "glow" like the halogen, but certainly is longer lasting. I highly recommend it over the SuperWave because of the use of the element over the bulb. They have the exact same glass bowl... which I like over the plastic NuWave, which stains.

Reason of review: Best oven I've had and would replace it if I had to!.

I liked: Product.

I didn't like: Service, Life of halogen bulbs.

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Thank you! So how do you get the top off to replace the heating element? I do not see any screws at all and nothing seems to pop out for me.

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