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I ordered the Sharper Image Oven using the one payment method. I paid $184.65 total (including the upgrade stuff).

When I found two additional charges of $39.95 pop up on my card I called the company thinking they had made a mistake. They informed me that the shipping was $94.00. This is total nonsense. They sent my item parcel post which took two months to get to me in a cheap cardboard box.

Even Priority Mail would not cost that much. The oven does not take as little time to cook as they say. My 4 pound chicken did not take 45 minutes. It took an hour and fifteen minutes. the time might be exaggerated in the infomercial but to tell me that to ship it to me, in the United States, costs 94 dollars? Ridiculous!!!

I would advise you to save your money, but if you must have this oven buy it on eBay. One price, one bill, no surprises.

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I also have cooked a four-pound chicken in the Super Wave. Several times, and they ALWAYS turn out great.

It does help to know how to COOK! It also helps to follow the DIRECTIONS! It does not take an hour and 15 minutes to cook a whole chicken. People who complain about this oven are not using it correctly.

I would recommend the Super Wave to anyone. Don't order it onlin or off the reason too. Go to Costco's...besides, it costs a lot less there.

One of my friends has a Super Wave and she had to replace the bowl (she cracked it...not the fault of the bowl...and they replaced the bowl at no charge other than S/H and it was not expensive. It took a week or so and she got her new bowl.

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