Delayed my order because they said they had to wait to get the digital model in and then sent me wrong model. They said they would send me other things for free if I would keep the wrong model but I waited a month and got nothing.

I returned it plus additional pans but I only received a partial payment and I'm still waiting to be compensated for costs shipping everything back. Also, product is not as good as advertised.

Company falls way short in doing things right unless you like screwups and more aggravation. Do not believe in the hype!

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Kingsport, Tennessee, United States #1276920

Sorry you had such a bad experience, i have used mine for seven years, almost every day. it has been great.

Just last night my bulb blew in my unit. i have the digital super wave oven. I went on ebay and ordered two new bulbs after talking to a sharper image technician and finding out they no longer make the oven. I got two replacement bulbs for 29.99 plus 10 bucks for shipping the add said free shipping but when i placed the order it added ten bucks.

I have not replaced the bulb yet, just ordered them tonight but if it works i have to say that this little oven has been such a great to use item. i make dinner in 15 minutes, frozen steaks, 8 min per side, then i pop in some frozen garlic bread while heating some corn and sweet carrots in the microwave. it has really made dinner special and quick for me, i hardly ever eat out.. cooking for one or two its just so much eaiser then heating the oil on the stove and making a huge mess..

plus not having to pre heat an oven or dirty up all the pots and pans if you use the frozen veggies in the microwave. i hate that they have quit producing this oven, as i think it would be really great for these tiny house folks that dont have room for a large stove.. also for campers and such.. mine has worked great....

here is the link to the ebay seller where i got the lights.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/221769544152


My Super Wave Oven still in warranty, phone and talked to approx. 10 customer service people, transferred me to diff, people, all I want is to tell me how to send this product back, just as they said,

customer service took my email address, promised to send me instructions how to do my request, nothing happened, as of now, nothing in my email, nothing, nothing.

Please help, somebody, I need to know how to send this product for repair.

Still in warranty. Management listening????????




Monroe, Connecticut, United States #933472

I bought the Sharper Image oven about two years ago plus all gadgets that they offered with the oven about $250.00 total purchase. First time I tried to use it, a whole chicken never got cooked after waiting for about 2 hours, chicken didn't even brown, so I had to throw the chicken away and never used the oven again.

For a while, I was trying to get recipes over the Internet and couldn't find any. Recipes in book that came with the oven didn't work, not one!

Total waste. Anyone with good recipes please send to Al at ayme1(at)aol(dot)com


I have had the Sharper Image Superwave for 2 years. Yesterday, the motor started making a very loud, constant noise, and the convection no longer works at all.

No light, just lots of noise. It's been a great appliance, but I am very unhappy that it no longer works. I contacted Emson and am waiting for reply to see if they have a glass lid with temp. & timer controls.

I don't think I'm going to get anywhere, and I don't like the NuWave design as compared to the SuperWave.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #863114

I would be careful with this as shown. Not with Sharper Image.

Sharper Image is not sound on service. Besides, this may no longer be manufactured by the maker, Emson. Therefore, Sharper Image will (after a long run-around with plenty of incompetence and indifference - even lost me from their system and left me hanging) just route you to Antoinette Ramos at Emson (in NYC). That's what I'm going through now.

The product worked great (better than others) but the bulb had burned out and Sharper Image was just swapping the head units on them. But given the device contracted with Sharper Image is no longer made (I have been on back order for months), they cannot get this through Emson.

I see many others rebranding the same product (Fagor, Big Boss, Oyama, etc.), but these could be dated presentations and may not be able to get these beyond their current in-house inventory. Then if it failed, one would be back in the same situation.

I would have preferred just taking the device somewhere and having the bulb replaced (if possible), or simply ignoring the instructions enclosed in the original packaging and taken back to the store where I purchased (BrandsMart USA) and had them swap with a working unit.

I will see how things go with Emson directly.


I have experienced the same issues with the Sharper Image model also. I was expecting the digital model but I received a different one.

I honestly wanted the Nu Wave Oven but because I really wasn't paying attention I ordered the Sharper Image one. I have never been more disappointed in my life.

Ridge, New York, United States #802895

I received this super wave oven as a gift from my in laws for Christmas. And I have to tell

U I love it!!!

Then about 6 months later the light blew out and I was sad

Lol. Well I called the company on the box, and they told me just to send the lid and write a

5-6 digit code on the box, which cost just over 9 dollars for a box & to ship it

Out from the post office. & in 3-4 days I was happy again!!

Not only did the send me a lid!

But they sent me a brand new box full of everything I had b4!!!

to Mrs. Jackson Corona, California, United States #954552

I had the same situation, after 3+ years the oven stopped, and much like you described, I received a complete unit. Here it is 2015, and the replacement finally died (same reason doesn't turn on), and I called it in, again, and again was given another 5 digit number...we'll see what happens.

Good luck...

Denver, Colorado, United States #694974

Same as others midway through cooking it just stopped working and it won't do anything.... I love it soi might have to try the nu wave.

to Anonymous #738086

I had a Nu Wave and got this one because of the glass bowl (Nu Wave is plastic). The Sharper Image version's halogen lamp blew out in the middle of cooking a chicken.


provides no replacement of the lamp--you gotta buy a whole new item. Good thing none of my friends wanted the Nu Wave because I put it back on the counter and, keeping the glass bolw, tossed the rest of the Super Wave.

to Anonymous Corona, California, United States #954553

I have a bowl, from a replaced unit.

Pay for packaging, and shipping, you can have it for $25.00.

Manchester, Tennessee, United States #693084

My Bowl cracked.Does not work as well as they say.Customer service not good.They should enjoy my $100 they wont get anymore

to cali Corona, California, United States #954555

I have a bowl, from a replaced unit.

Pay for packaging, and shipping, you can have it for $25.00.

(placed same comment, erroneously, on wrong complaint)

to cali Corona, California, United States #954559

If I don't get rid of the bowl, I will use it for an AeroGraden, to grow Herbs, and veggies.


Sadly no one is making anything to last, corporations want to make more money so products are made to last only a short time and then must be replaced or repaired......... What happened to people taking pride in their work??????

Does anyone remember the MAYTAG repair man who never had any work--------we used to be a proud people.............. Now corporate GREED rules everything..........

Los Angeles, California, United States #625728

Ordered this oven on Monday, 3/18, because we have owned many Sharper Image items in the past when they still had brick and mortar stores. When ordering, we asked if they give/sell our info to anyone. We asked 8 times. We were told no, they do not.

Next day, we start getting non-stop calls from Quality Resources Inc. in Clearwater, Florida.

Google them or their phone number 866-379-2003, which is one of many they use.

Manhattan, New York, United States #622975

I just found out today that my order had been returned

I ordered on January 3rd and never got anything in the mail except for some *** junk mail that I got charged for on my credit card. I also keep getting charged for what appears to be magazines. I never ordered any *** magazines. I did get reimbursed for the *** oven but I got $29.95 less than I paid. *** this *** company.


*** off

London, Kentucky, United States #619201

Yeah mine just stopped working after one year of use but I think I know what happened. I just got done cooking a couple steaks and then I cleaned it out and started cooking some chicken I forgot after cleaning you must wait until everything is completely dry before cooking something new. My poor oven just fried you could smell the ozone from it.


Like many others, my red superwave just QUIT working... and I loved to use it!

So Sharper Image ( not HSN) said send back the top...I did $15.23 S&H at UPS store on 10.26.12. After they returned to work from Sandy...I called gave them the tracking #, they told me I'd have my replacement by 11.09.12..I WAS really impressed! Well today is 12.03.12. I just called for the 4th time...they can't find anything on the entire situation!

I even kept every person's agent # and I've written to customer support...now they say wait another week. I will NEVER buy another product from Sharper Image :(

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